Quality Improvement Initiatives

Welcome to the Quality Improvement learning collaborative forum. Quality improvement should not be in silos. Quality improvement is happening in many local efforts, but may not necessarily end up being published. Until now, there was no accessible way for the pediatric neurosurgery community to share such efforts. Many QI projects have ongoing PDSA (plan-do-study-act) cycles

This is an informal online forum, to act as a resource for a QI learning collaborative. We can benefit from sharing QI efforts and experiences with each other. Some may want to learn from other centers, or may be looking for collaboration and more people to participate.

This forum is a shared resource. We aim for it to be easy to use, to facilitate collaboration, and to have information in one place. It will be as good as you (and all pediatric neurosurgery community members) make it. Please submit your own QI projects, peruse your colleagues’ efforts, and contact each other to keep the QI conversations going.

This page is currently in development. Please check back often for updates.

QI questions and suggestions? slam@luriechildrens.org

Quality Improvement Initiative Submission Form

Download the quality improvement submission form HERE.

Please send your completed form to Ben Kennedy at kennedybc@email.chop.edu and Sandi Lam at slam@luriechildrens.org.