International Traveling Fellowship in Pediatric Neurosurgery

The Joint Pediatric Neurosurgery Section of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons and Congress of Neurological Surgeons has established an international traveling fellowship for neurosurgeons who at the time of their application are either training in a residency program outside the United States and Canada, or who have completed residency training outside the United States and Canada within the past five years.

The fellowship will cover the traveling and living expenses for a three-month period to be spent observing the activities of an established Pediatric Neurosurgical service of the applicant’s choosing in the United States or Canada. Fellowships will be awarded yearly on the basis of a competitive evaluation by a committee of the Pediatric Section at the annual meeting in December. The maximum fellowship stipend is $7500.

The application must include:

  1. A statement defining the purpose of the proposed fellowship;
  2. A letter of recommendation from the applicant’s current Neurosurgical program director;
  3. A letter of acceptance from the institution where the applicant intends to take the fellowship, confirming the description of the fellow’s potential activities during the period of the award;
  4. The applicant’s current Curriculum Vitae.

The strict deadline for application submission is November 1, 2020. The completed application should be emailed to Andrew Jea at


Prior Fellows

2000 – Fajardo Rivera (Honduras)

2001 – Charity Cordero Tumangday

2002 – Adrian Caceres

2003 – Shahram Hadidchi

2005 – Sujoy Sanyal (India)

2005 – Emejulu Jude-Kennedy (Nigeria)

2005 – Juan Orlando Moreno Nunez (Cuba)

2006 – K.M. Bopanna (India)

2006 – Alp Ozgun (Turkey)

2006 – G Samson Sujit Kumar (India)

2007 – Yu-Cheng Chou (Taipei)

2007 – Andrei Kuzmin (Russia)

2008 – Rezida Galimova (Russia)

2008 – Wilhasto Suryaningtyas (Indonesia)

2009 – Manish Kasliwal (India)

2009 – Tania Leyva Mastrapa (Cuba)

2009 – George Chater Cure (Colombia)

2010 – Feda Makkiyah (Indonesia)

2011 – Muhammad Zubair Tahir (Pakistan)

2011 – Jose Efrain Garcia Reyes (Peru)

2011 – Peter Kato Ssenyonga (South Africa)

2012 – Dan Ochieng (Kenya)

2012 – Tie (Victor) Fang (China)

2013 – Rajendra Srestha (Napali-West China Hospital)

2013 – Anna LoPresti (Spain)

2014 – Jose Montejo (Cuba)

2014 – George Alexiou (Greece)

2015 – Marcos Costa (Brazil)

2015 – Teddy Totimeh (Ghana)

2016 – Femi Owagbemi (Nigeria)

2016 – Nshanth Sadashiva (India)

2017 – Gilberto Gonzalez Lopez (Colombia)

2018 – Astri Avianti (Indonesia)

2018 – Sonal Jain (India)

2019 – Rajesh Nair (India)

2019 – Eduoard Mazerand (France)