Research Support Awards

AANS/CNS Joint Section on Pediatrics RFA: Research Support Awards • 2020

Aim: The AANS/CNS section on Pediatric Neurological Surgery is announcing a research grant opportunity specifically targeted to new fellows and junior faculty. The Pediatric Section recognizes there are limited funding opportunities for fellows and junior faculty, despite the evidence that this is a population in greatest need of support. In response to these issues, this grant provides funding with an aim to encourage early discussions between fellows/new faculty and senior faculty about research. The hope is that this will stimulate mentorship between the incoming fellow/junior faculty and senior staff and facilitate new pediatric neurosurgeons to incorporate research as part of their careers. Projects should have a clear pediatric neurosurgical focus.

Amount: The award will be up to $10,000 of support for a 1-year project, from July 1 2020 to June 30 2021. Applications should be in the following format:

  1. A Cover Page. Please use this document as your Cover Page.
  2. Project Summary (describe the overall project being proposed; 2 pages total)
    1. Specific Aims
    2. Background and Significance
    3. Research Plan
    4. Budget (state what the award amount will be used for and how it will help with the overall project)
  3. PI’s Biosketch (2 pages, NIH format preferred)
  4. It is strongly encouraged to submit the grant application with a senior mentor from the applicant’s new institution where s/he will be starting as fellow/new faculty on July 1.

Please combine all three items as one ‘pdf’ file and submit the completed application to Cormac Maher at

Deadline: May 15, 2020. Applications will be reviewed by the Research Committee of the Section, approved by the Executive Committee, and announced in June. Award recipients are expected to present a 6 month “Work In Progress” summary at the Annual Pediatric Section Meeting (December) at the midpoint of their funding cycle, then present a summary of the completed work at the subsequent Annual Meeting (in December, 6 months after the end of funding).

Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation Research Grants

Aim: ALSF raises funds for childhood cancer research and awareness. To date the Foundation has raised over $75 million and funded over 375 research projects. ALSF is pleased to announce that over $800,000 has been specifically allocated for pediatric spinal cord tumor research through the ALSF grants program. Research proposals with the potential to provide insight into the biology, diagnosis, or treatment of spinal cord tumors are strongly encouraged.

Applications are now open for Innovation, Young Investigator and Epidemiology research grants to help support you in your efforts to find better treatments and cures for all children with cancer. For more information please visit or contact Kay Schaul (866)-333-1213 email: